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Dec 20, 2010- Christmas in NYC

Some friends were in town from Bermuda, so we took the LimoLiner to NYC this weekend to visit with them and with some family. We don't mind driving, but the weather forecast convinced us to leave the driving to someone else. The trip from Back Bay Hilton in Boston to the Hilton in NYC usually takes about four hours door to door. This time we took the 1PM from Boston and arrived in NYC around 5:30. The problem with this arrival time is the traffic in NYC is pretty bad. The bus driver had to make some pretty heroic maneuvers to get the giant bus in and out of that traffic! It added an extra 40 minutes to the trip, but it was still worth it once we stepped off the bus and saw the lights at night.

Gotham is magical this time of the year. The plazas in front of the buildings are all decorated. The trees are wrapped in lights. Shoppers, tourists, and street vendors are all out and about. NYC is busy all the time, but it was CRAZY this weekend. Maybe because it was not that cold out, or that it was the last weekend before Christmas, but the streets were packed. We had time to take a few shots during our walk to Penn Station on 33rd Street because the crowd was moving pretty slow.

Guess we could have driven afterall as the weather turned out to be beautiful. However, it was much more relaxing to just sit back on the LimoLiner, put our feet up, and surf the web instead:-) Happy Holidays! [Permalink] - Christmas in NYC


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