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February 8,2010

Timex is one of our favorite watch companies for a lot of reasons. We love Timex watches for their durability, but they keep us coming back because of the new styles. When we visited the Timexpo museum in December, the museum store was having a 40% off sale, so we picked up this Expedition E-Compass model on impulse.

We have had it for a few months now and are still completely satisfied with our purchase. The E-Compass is just one of the models in the Timex Expedition line. This one is slightly more expensive because of the titanium case. We preferred it to the stainless steel version as it was significantly more light-weight and has a more subtle non-reflective grey finish. The watch back is made of stainless steel and is deeply etched with the E-Compass logo.

The watch is easy to set up, simple to use, and easy to read day or night. There are several sets of markings on the face of the watch: 12/24 hours, compass, and declination adjustments. There are three different crowns on the right side of the watch.

The upper crown activates the compass function, the middle crown adjusts and activatea the INDIGLO backlighting, and the lower crown move the internal compass ring.

A compass hand points to “magnetic north,” which may be slightly different from “true north,” which is used on maps. This difference, called the “declination angle,” varies around the globe and is typically small and can be ignored in many cases. However, this watch allows the user to compensate for this difference. With the proper declination angle compensation, the compass hand will point to true north instead of magnetic north.

The strap is custom designed specifically for the Expedition. The rod holding the strap is affixed by screws and does run from end to end. So should one want to, it can accommodate other strap/bands. We tried to take it apart, but gave up because we couldn't get the screwdrivers to stay in place on both sides.

While the silicone strap is soft and very comfortable, it does tend to pick up more dust than we would like. However, as the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, a quick rinse under running water will usually take care of the problem. Just don't dry your hands afterwards with a linty towel.

The patented electroluminescent technology used in the INDIGLO® night-light illuminates the entire watch face at night and in low light conditions. Pressing the center crown will activate the light for about five seconds.

The Timex E-Compass Expedition is fast becoming one of our favorite "go to" watches for all occasions. It is light, functional, and tough as nails. We will continue to put the watch through the fire this Spring and Summer.  Look for the InTheWild update in the Fall. [Permalink] -Timex E-Compass Expedition



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