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May 24,2010- Vaja ivolution FirstLook...

Can a protective case for a gadget make you want to buy the gadget just so you can justify buying the case? If the case was made by Vaja, it just might. Vaja products may cost more than similar products on the market, but they command a premium because they are thoughtfully designed, made using high quality materials, and are expertly hand-crafted. Vaja now has released the ivolution line of covers for the iPad.

We got a Vaja ivolution in house last week and was blown away by it as soon as we opened the box. The ivolution comes in two pieces, a front and a back cover. It is possible to get just the back cover, but if you are going to invest in a Vaja case, get the set (we'll show you why later). Vaja uses only full grain cowhide for the covers. They do not alter their leather, thereby retaining its natural character, markings, and qualities. Leather has many advantages over other materials. It is a very durable, non-allegenic, and unlike synthetics, will actually get better with use. With the proper care, the Vaja leather cover will likely outlast the iPad.

Vaja offers many patterns, colors, and styles in the ivolution line. We love this blue and white combo because it reminds us of one of our favorite muscle cars growing up. If you are old enough to remember the blue Mustang Fastback with the white racing stripes down the middle, then you will know why we appreciate the look of our iPad in this Vaja case.

The quality of the workmanship of this Vaja case is evident throughout. Note the fit and finish of the edging and the boundary between the different leather pieces. There are two very tasteful stainless steel details (front, side) on the case. The case maker took great care and attractively worked the contours around the ports, buttons, and sockets of the iPad.

Both the front and back covers are held in place by tension. The covers are padded for the user's comfort and the iPad's protection. The front cover is completely removable. Normally, this would be kind of annoying as it would have to be placed aside during use. However, the front cover was designed to fit over the back cover, elegantly solving the problem.

We are not sure if the designer of the ivolution had intended this, but the front cover, when place underneath the iPad, creates a nice comfortable angle for typing. The texture of the leather keeps the iPad from sliding. The padding acts as a cushion and may make typing easier. When attaching the front cover to the back, we thought we had noticed a design problem as the clip covered the speakers. Upon closer inspection, we realized the two ends were slightly different in length and the proper end will not obscure the speaker openings.

If you want a case for your iPad that feels so good it will make you never want to put it down, the Vaja is the one to get. If you want a to buy an iPad just to have an excuse to get a Vaja case for it, we understand. If you believe us and want to see one first hand, Vaja has retail stores in Paris, Milan, and a few other cities in Europe. For those of you are in the States, the only way to get your hands on one is to order them directly from Vaja. Just so you know, some models can take up to 35 days for Vaja's artisans in Brazil to make and to get it to you. If you want one, you had better get your name on their list now before that list gets too long. Judging from our FirstLook at the Vaja, the list is not going to get any shorter. [Permalink] -Vaja ivoluiton FirstLook


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