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Oct 11,2010 - Columbus Day Weekend...

Food and relaxation are the two most important goals of our annual Columbus Day Weekend retreat. We used to head up to Maine to Ogunquit, Wells, or Monhegan Island. However, for the past few years, the group has been driving to our friends' place in Provincetown. The trip to the Cape is much shorter than the trek up to Maine. We left Boston at 2PM, and even with the holiday traffic, were able to make it out to Provincetown in less than three hours.

While other tourist destinations start to wind down after Labor Day, most of the shops and restaurants in Provincetown don't close until after Columbus Day. There were plenty of options for eating, shopping, and entertainment. One of the traditions with our Maine trips was the search for the weekend's best lobster roll. Fortunately for us, we were able to continue the quest as lobster roll vendors on the Cape were just as plentiful as "down east." This year's winner was the one we got from P.J's on Route 6 near Wellfleet. It was more expensive than the one we got in town, but chunkier and more flavorful.

The weather was gorgeous all weekend long. The temperature was in the low 70s during the day and sunny the entire time. We took advantage of it and walked as much as we could. Of course, all that walking meant only one thing when we got back... naps before dinner. OK, the Bloody Marys may have had something to do with it, but officially we are attributing the fatigue to the walking.

Our accomodations had a spectacular view of the marsh. Sitting out on the deck, we were able to put our feet up and watch: the tide come in and out; the color of the grass change with the sunrises and sunsets; and the cranes and herons glide by in search of something to eat. All this within the range of a WiFi signal.

The past three days were totally relaxing. We had fantastic meals, great company, and a hoot of time playing this card game call "Apples To Apples." While we could have easily stayed another week, it was Monday and the Cape traffic back to Boston would be at a crawl if we didn't get on the road by noon. Besides, we knew we had better get back to see what the interns had been up to while we were away. [Permalink] -Columbus Day Weekend


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