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Sep 6,2010 - Visionary Lenses: Wild colors

Our newest (to us) pair of Oakley Juliet sunglasses was procured in July. The pair came with a few issues but we were able to fixed it up quick with parts from the Oakley store. We were all set to replace the lenses when we discovered that Visionary Lenses have added some new colors to their line up. So we decided to put the brakes on the lens-upgrade project until after we had a look at VL's latest offerings.

We are so glad we waited. What arrived in the mail last week was a batch of brightly colored polarized lenses. Polarization blocks glare off of flat surfaces like snow, water, and road. If you have a pair of Oakley Juliet frame and want to amp up its performance and head-turning factor, you NEED to check out these replacement lenses. Some of the colors are "cool" (Blue, Silver, Green) while others "hot" (Ruby, Fire, Gold).

Compared to Oakley OEM lenses, Visionary Lenses are thinner, but they still retain an extremely high level of impact resistance. Some of the lenses will "color-shift" (Ruby, Fire, Green) depending on the view angle to the lens. After much deliberation, we decided on Ruby as the replacement color for our new Oakley frame. While the red of these ruby lenses are not as deep as those of Cyclops in X-Men, they still look fantastic, especially when viewed head-on. Because the VL lenses are thinner, they also fit into the frame much easier. With the ExoVista and Caulfield lenses, we had to work to get them into the frame. These VL lenses just slipped right in. The fit of the VL lenses is PERFECT. There is absolutely no movement once the retaining screw has been tightened. Of the three installations we have done, this was the easiest by far.

Visionary Lenses have recently invested in new equipment to further expand their lens-coloring and manufacturing capabilities. We are looking forward to seeing what new hues will be available as a result of their upgrade. Got a color suggestion? Let us know! We hope to get some photos of their new equipment in action to give readers a better understanding of the overall lens making process. We find the topic fascinating. If you do as well, then look for the article in the Fall. [Permalink] -Visionary Lenses: Wild Colors


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