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Sep 13,2010 - Satechi ProGrip FirstLook...

When we posted our FirstLook of the Yongnuo wireless timer a few weeks ago we got emails from a few readers who told us about Satechi Battery ProGrip. The emails almost got the "file for later review" treatment because we had already done a few reviews of third-party Nikon battery grips (D40, D90). However, one of the interns took a closer read and realized why we should always pay attention when our readers take the time write. Today, other RainyDayMagazine readers will see why we decided to review it.

The Satechi unit for the Nikon D90 arrived in house last week. Like the Phottix Premium grip, the Satechi ProGrip grip can house two Nikon Li-ion batteries, comes with a 6AA battery cartridge, and a remote trigger. It has a vertical shutter release button at the base making the camera usable in either orientation. It is also equipped with AE lock/FE lock and AF point selector button.

The big difference between the Phottix and Satechi is that the Satechi ProGrip has a built-in timer. The time intervals may be set for continuous intervals (1 second-100 hours), multiple frames (up to 99 frames), or single frame long exposure (1/8000 of a second to 100 hours). Information (Date/time/stopwatch) is displayed on the LCD screen (w/blue backlighting) on the back.

The ProGrip combines the functions of the Phottix battery grip with the features of the Yongnuo wireless timer. It frees up the hot shoe on the camera so it can still accommodate a flash. We typically have the 18-200mm lens on the D90 body. That makes the camera is bigger, but it is better balanced with a battery grip attached. We add a strap on the grip for when we use it in the field, but it does interfere with holding the camera in the vertical position.

We had some projects planned for the FirstUse review of the Yongnuo wireless timer, but now that we have two different timers, we will rethink our plans and come up with something so we can compare the two. Stay tuned, it should be fun. [Permalink] -Satechi ProGrip: FirstLook


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