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Jan 10, 2011- LunaTik Installation...

The KickStarter success story LunaTik is making the rounds in all the business magazines. If you don't know the backstory, you can catch up on it here. The LunaTik is a case which allows the 6th-gen iPod nano to be worn as a wristwatch. We took a FirstLook at the conversion kit on Friday. Today, we will show how to install the nano in the LunaTik and what it looks like when assembled.

The LunaTik case is machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum and assembled using high quality steel screws. Two hex keys is required (one on each side, rotating in opposite directions) to loosen the screws and disassemble the case. Once loosened, the frame splits into two pieces. The pieces are sand-blasted at the factory to remove any tool marks and to make the surface smooth and the edges burr-free. Note the even texture and quality of the finish.

While the case is simple to take apart, taking it apart is not designed to be quick. So if you are thinking of converting your iPod nano into a wristwatch using the LunaTik, you should consider that your iPod nano will probably spend most of its time inside the case.

Inserting the nano into LunaTik was easy. Since all of us are right handed, we installed the nano with the buttons on the right side. However, that is just a preference. If you are right-handed, but like your earphone jack on the right side, and to be able to use your thumb to press the buttons, then set it up the other way. There is no "wrong" way to orient the nano.

The LunaTik frame is rigid and should provide plenty of support for the nano. However, it is not a protective case. It was NOT designed to keep the nano from damage. There is no cover for the screen, the ports are exposed to the elements, and it is not padded in any way. The lip of the case does protrude enough to offer a bit of protection for the buttons and the ports, but all that will do is to keep the buttons from being accidentally pressed.

As a watchband, the LunaTik exceeded expectations. The fit of the nano in the LunaTik was amazingly precise. No gaps, movement, or play. Even with the nano installed, the unit is still very light. The tab is movable and thus was easy to fit the watch to any size wrist.

We like the look of the LunaTik (white, black), and are pleasantly surprised that even thought it is a sizable "watch," it does not feel uncomfortable on the wrist. The main reason is probably because of the soft silicone band. There is something to be said of the use of quality materials. We'll add this nano-powered LunaTik into our rotation and report back in the Fall as to the suitability of the combo as a wristwatch. [Permalink] - LunaTik Installation


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