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June 16, 2011- Leathinity camera strap...

Yesterday, we posted a write-up on a case for our new Nikon P7000 point-n-shoot camera. In the discussion we mentioned that we were not big fans of camera straps because they make cameras less "pocket-able." Since putting our camera in a case already made it too large for most pockets, we saw no reason not to attach a strap so we could sling the camera on our shoulder. While the camera case came with a perfectly adequate nylon strap, we wanted to find something a little more elegant.

Craft-savvy folks know that for lovers of things handcrafted, the best source is Etsy. It was there that we found exactly what we were looking for. The name of the company is Leathinity. The maker is out of Hong Kong and goes by the initial "sths." This maker has many great-looking offerings, but the item of most interest to us was this camera strap. The strap was hand-made, functionally simple, and visually elegant. We contacted the maker and ten days later, the item arrived via First Class post from Hong Kong. We will try to do it some justice with the photos, but trust us when we say that it is even nicer in real life.

The color of the leather is more tan than brown. It is lighter in color than the camera case, but we found the contrast pleasing. Like the strap ring on the Nikon, the fittings on the Leathinity strap are made from stainless steel. In order to attach the strap, we had to first remove the rings on the camera. There is a protective leather pad to shield the camera's body from any rubbing of the ring. This is an important detail often lacking on other straps. We did have a little bit of trouble threading the ring through the post on the camera, as the leather pad made rotating the ring difficult. A small pair of needle-nose pliers made the job easier. However, unlike us, you might want to take more care so as not to scratch the leather.

We love the vintage look of the strap with the modern digital camera. The Leathinity strap is a little stiff now, but should soften up with use. Buy quality and it will last a long time. Well, this strap will likely last for a few generations. If you love timeless designs, hand-crafted quality, and simple elegance, then we don't think you will find a better camera strap than this one. [Permalink] - Leathinity Camera Strap


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