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Mar 18, 2011- CRKT Flux...

Growing up, some of us always had our trusty Swiss Army knife in our pocket...just in case. As we got older, the Swiss Army knife was replaced by a Leatherman multi-tool. Today our pockets tend to have a few more items. The desire to be boyscout-prepared (flashlight, compass, magnesium shavings) vs being practical and unencumbered (cellphone, keys) are in constant and dynamic tension. "Everyday carry (EDC)" is a phrase often heard around the RainyDayMagazine office. It refers to the must-have items (phone, money/credit cards, etc...) many of us take with us when we step out of our our ivory-tower and into the real world. Today, we would like to introduce readers to a few new items from CRKT for EDC consideration.

CRKT, an innovative knife company from Oregon, has redefined the multi-tool with the addition of the FLUX System to their I.D.Works line. The idea is simple yet brilliant. There are five different interchangeable components (knife, driver, wine tool, LED, Flash) to the FLUX System. Combine and take what you need, leave everything else behind. Will the FLUX System make our "everyday-carry" decision easier and more effective or will we waste time agonizing which module to take? Time will tell.

We will also be looking at two of CRKT's fixed blades (Neckolas, Bear Claw, but for a (slightly) different purpose. The Neckolas is designed by Terry Renner, a knifemaker out of Florida. It is a fixed blade with a locking sheath which can be manipulated using just one hand. The version we have has a blunt tip and full Triple-Point™ serrations for use as a whitewater and extrication knife. Its design enables it to quickly cut through cord and seat belts without tip penetration.

The Bear Claw is designed by custom knifemaker Russ Kommer. Russ works out of Anchorage Alaska. The Bear Claw is design to feel like an extension of the hand. It is a cutting tool for anyone who needs to quickly cut rope, webbing or netting, especially if their life is going to depend on it. While both look to be useful and effective urban EDCs, we wanted to consider them for inclusion in our RainyDay GoKit. The GoKit is an idea we have been kicking around for some time, but has always been on the backburner. Recent events in Japan have brought the project to the fore. We will have more details about it in the Spring.

The FirstUse report of the FLUX System should be ready by the end of the Summer. Those interested should look for it in the Fall iPad issue of RainyDayMagazine in the Apple AppStore.

CRKT has a huge number of options for anyone looking for an edge instrument, whether it be for everyday use or for more specialized purposes. The offerings range from the colorful Ashworth Turtle, which is more jewelry than knife, to the Hisshou, an ultimate close-quarter combat tool designed by James Williams for professionals. There is something in the CRKT catalog for everyone. [Permalink] - CRKT: Flux FirstLook


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