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May 25, 2011- iPad2 Accessories: Sena...

Not everyone can rock a hot pink BubbleSleeve or a slick black StreetSkin for their iPad. For the boardroom crowd, a black leather folio may be more appropriate. If that is your case, then Sena's got your iPad2 covered.

Sena knows leather. Going back three generations, the Oten family has excelled in the leather industry. Brothers and owners Ramsey and Fevzi Oten are the grandchildren of an entrepreneur in the leather industry. Leather is one of nature's most versatile and sensual materials. Sena has always taken great care to produce protective cases that are completely customized to individual devices. Their redesigned iPad2 Executive Folio is no different. The case is comprised of selected calfskin Napa leather. With use, the leather adjusts and softens to develop a glove-like fit to the iPad.

Sena has redesigned their leather Executive Folio to accommodate the additional features on the updated iPad. There are openings in the front and the back for the cameras. They have moved the stand from the back to the inside of the screen covers. This change means they had to get rid of the business card holder and the note pocket. The slots for credit cards and the like are still there. If your company uses RFID security cards, you can just tuck the card in there and hold the case up to the reader when you need. It will read the card right through the cover.

The Gen1 Executive Folio will only prop the iPad up in the horizontal position. That was fine for watching movies, but did nothing for typing. In this newer version, integrated into the cover are flaps (secured by snaps) which can support the iPad in both high (viewing) and low (typing) angles. In the higher angle, the case can stand in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Sena has also added a snap to secure the cover to the back when folded. This is a nice touch as it keeps the cover from shifting over time.

Overall, we like the changes Sena made to the Executive Folio. As a result of the changes the iPad2 Folio is cleaner looking on the outside and quite a bit thinner than the first unit. We are not sure yet if we'll miss not having the pocket, but we'll use it for awhile and see.

We have the Sena Executive Folio for the original iPad in brown and the new one for the iPad2 in black. The black definitely projects a professional look...serious and all business-like. However, some of us like seeing the subtle changes in the leather and prefer the warmer glow of the brown. Regardless of the color, the workmanship and quality of both folios are first rate and the folio will become more personalized with use. What more can you ask for? [Permalink] -iPad2 Accessories: Sena


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