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Welcome to Carolyn's World

On this page you will find Carolyn's amusing musings about the things we've done, the places we've gone, and just the world in general.

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The Roving Eye
My Poor, bedraggled United States of America: housing bubble bursted, financial industry turmoiling, people losing their...

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving
You may think you know what Thanksgiving's all about, but you don't. I do. In my own way...

Life in the Key of Songs
Sometimes, in life, you just have to take a deep breath, open your mouth, and let the song out and the music in.

Ikea - Opening a Store Near...Me!
Say all you want about Ikea, if one opens near you, you are going, and you are going on opening day.

Vacuuming to Infinity
I have this love/hate thing with my carpets: I love how they keep my feet warm, but I hate having to vacuum them. While I do appreciate how far we’ve come since the days when my aunts had to whack the bejeezus out of their rugs twice a year with a carpet beater, I still think vacuuming is a chore.

But then, I hadn’t tried the Oreck XL21.

Woman on the Verge of an Automotive Breakdown
OMG! My engine light is on! MY ENGINE LIGHT IS ON! Calm down, Martha, the CarChip will tell you what's wrong.

The Distempered Racoon
You always know there's something wrong with a wild animal, even if you don't know anything about wild animals.

Getting Crafty for Christmas
If you are smart, you'll start your holiday shopping now, before the crowds drive you demented. If you're a genius, you'll start it this weekend at the Christmas Craft Festival in Boston.

Digerati-ing in NYC
We were at the Digital Life show in New York yesterday. The WiFi in the Press Office was non-existant, which is a little weird for a technology show, and there were some leaks in the roof, which is a little alarming for a technology show, but gosh, what a technology show! And it was all stuff that you could buy. Christmas is coming up, kids!

Over the Moon about Moonsus
When did "lugging" become a professional activity? If golfers have caddies, can't laptoppers have, um, lappies? I guess not, you'd have to buy them airplane tickets. Better to get yourself a Moonus laptop bag, and revel in the fact that you now have the secret to looking like a professional, uh, professional.

The Wentworth Inn - We Went, and it was Worth it!
Wow. That about sums up the Wentworth Inn in Jackson, NH. Just wow.

Call me "Bionica"
Women are not incapable of fixing things, but we approach the “fix and repair” aspect of our lives with a bit of trepidation, for two reasons: the men, and the tools. This thing will fix that.

Rich with Riches
How rich do you have to be to have your personal art collection exhibited in a major museum? How rich do you have to be to have a major museum ask to exhibit your personal art collection? And if you’re from Kansas, does any of it matter?

The Sun is Always Shining at Mohegan Sun
Hate gambling. Hate casinos. Love Mohegan Sun.

Florence K all the way
There are those of us, who, when traveling Route 95 between Boston and New York, finds ourselves completely beguiled by the enigmatic yet informative road sign “Florence K. Griswold Museum – next right.” And sometimes, those of us seeing the Florence K. Griswold Museum sign decide that, one day, we shall attend this museum of Miss Griswold’s, just because it has a sign. And because it's our birthday.

And the Shoe-th will set you free
Sometimes, the smallest of things can actually change your life. If you think I'm kidding, just ask someone with flat feet who found something that makes walking around (a.k.a. "living") totally painfree. Oh wait, that's me!

Things were simpler back then, right?

Oh, to need nothing but a horse, a piece of calico, and...all my money in the granite safe in the bank and a Parisienne fan made of the finest African ivory. Welcome to Old Sturbridge Village.

SmartSpin makes my Heart Sing

Oh, to have all my reusable food containers sorted and, contained. Wait, I can?

One Lump or Two?

I recently held a tea party in honor of my mother’s birthday. Whilst it was great fun—everyone came in a floppy hat, and one came in a lace tablecloth (it’s a long story)—there are some things I’ve learned about hosting a tea party for 16 that I’d like to pass along.

I must live on Elm Street, because this is a nightmare

One would think that one’s computer woes were over after one’s hard drive failed to spin up and one installed a new drive. One would think that, but one would be wrong. And I know this for a fact, since, for the purposes of this article, I am the One.

Woodman's is a Winner!

Eating fried clams in the very spot they were invented. Invented?

Winter in Boston IS Summer in Miami

Our 2005 "Spring Break" trip to Miami. Wan was very happy to be surrounded by all sorts of women in all sorts of bathing suits...

One Sweep is the One

I hate cleaning, but I love a clean house. What's a person to do? Get a One Sweep, that's what.

We Really did Stop and Smell the Flowers

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society's 135th Spring Flower Show is a breath of fresh air for us plant-starved Bostonians (think of us as hardy over-winterers...)

Eiffeling at the Tower

How I turned into a big baby at one of the most recognized structures in the world...

Hamstrung by the Hamstrings

The shinebone might very well be connected to the knee bone, but it's the hamstrings that'll mess you up every time.

Sweet Finnish Bakery - a review

Wan and I decided to go a little further afield for our coffee on Friday. Normally we go to the coffee shop in Roslindale, but we wanted to see what the new Finnish bakery in Jamaica Plain (the next neighborhood over) had to offer.