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We get notified of a lot of deals by various manufacturers.  In the past, we have only made those bargains available to subscribers.  After much discussions, the decision was made to make them available to ALL RainyDayMagazine readers.  Note that many of the deals are time sensitive and amounts may be limited. Subscribers will still get early notification of coupon codes and other specials.  Good bargain hunting!!!


September 26,2006

Less than 5 years ago we purchased a 22" Apple Cinema display for around $2500.  We just got notice from our TigerDirect partner that an Acer 22" LCD monitor is now available for an INCREDIBLE price of only $300!!! 

We may just get 22" LCDs for everybody here.  Maybe we can even afford to give one away at this price...dream on :-)  Read more about it on today's Deal Of The Day and go get your own.  However, you better hurry because at this price, availability is not guaranteed.


September 12,2006

FujiFilm Finepix A350 is a perfect camera for anyone looking to convert from film cameras or are seeking an affordable but full-feature camera to take on trips from near or far - or at home. With the Fuji FinePix A350 Digital Camera you'll capture the precious moments of your life just by clicking a button, with superb results. And you're not limited to merely taking great stills.

The A350 also takes movies with sound! The 5.2 Megapixel display and precision Zoom Lens ensures striking pictures and fine details with vibrant colors. Get a clear look at your photos in advance with the high-resolution 1.7" LCD monitor. Don't let the simple design fool you, it offers a full-fledged suite of functions: sequential exposures, scene position selectors, Recording with sound and more. Consider your needs, consider this camera's ease of use and high quality. Originally this listed for $299.  This is your best buy... go here to get one for $79.99!


September 5,2006

OK enough with the hard drives :-)  How about an alternative MP3 player to the Apple iPod?  Sandisk has been pushing hard in the the MP3 player space with their Sansa line. 

One way Sandisk is going to compete against Apple is going to give the buyer a LOT more flash memory for the money. They can since they are one of the largest seller of flash memory in the world.  Apple will still have the advantage on the software side, but Sandisk is going to give Apple a strong shove with their feature rich players and super aggressive pricing.  We have found a vendor that is selling this 2 GB MP3 player for ONLY $99.99!!!


September 5,2006

Some of you wrote to say that 300GB is not big enough...well, how about 500GB for under $200???


Get two of these, some enclosures and set yourselves up with a terabyte for less than $500.  What more do you want??? 

OK...how about a 2GB CF card for under $40?


September 3,2006

Storage is like money: you can't have too much of it.  We have found a few great storage deals for this Labor Day Weekend.  The capacities are 80GB ($40), 160GB ($60), and 300GB ($95).


We are not big on rebates, so we try to find deals that are priced low without any associated rebate hassles.  Like all RainyDayDeals, the quantities are limited on these units and is first come first served.  So if you want them, ACT NOW!!! 


August 29,2006

If you have purchased a camera lately, than you will most likely need some Flash memory.  We scrounged around and found some AMAZING deals on Flash...the cheapest being this CF card from Tigers Direct...just $2 after rebate for a 512MB CF card!!!

However, before you buy, know which type of memory you need.  Is it CF, SD, SmartMedia, MemoryStick?  Yes, it is a major pain in the...horse's pattooti.  We standardized on CF cards a few years back, but we have since started to move toward SD cards.  We can still use them in our CF slots with this SD-CF adapter.


August 28,2006

Besides the great Deal of the Day on the Canon PowerShot S2 ($262.50 after w/ coupon code), there are also a few other Canon Powershot deals (S3, SD650, SD700, ZR700, Harmony 880).  Just click on the image or the code.  As with the PowerShot S2 deal, just enter the associated discount code (under the image) when ordering and get 25% off the price.  These codes are only good until Sept 1st.


?5Q9XFJ5X9WP2M    9JVHT0T61JM00P    X0$DCLK7727W9L



"Subject to change without notice"


August 26,2006

Interested in buying a Dell XPS notebook?  Want FREE shipping?  How about some GREAT deals on refurbished XPS units?  Well...we just got notified that there is a sale going on from 8/28 to 9/1!!!

"Subject to change without notice"


August 25,2006

Apple has a deal going on right now for college students...buy a Mac & get a FREE iPod nano!  This offer is good until September 16.

If you are looking for a good digital camera, you might want to consider the Canon PowerShot S2 IS.  This camera has a 5 MegaPixel CCD, 12x optical zoom, and uses standard AA batteries.

Don't confuse this unit with the older S1 or the newer S3...both are good units.  However, in our opinion, the S2 is the best value for the money.  The S2 has improved image stablization compared to the older S1 but it is not as expensive as the S3.  Canon has the incentive to clear out the inventory now that the S3 has been released.

Here are some reviews of this camera:DP Review, DC Resources, ZD Net. The list price on this unit is $499, it is available here now for $350, but if you want to save another 25%, come look for a special discount code in the Deal Of The Day section (upper right corner of this page) on August 28th!!! This offer will be good only until September 1st. You will not find a better deal anywhere... not even on EBay :-)




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