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March 5,2015- Testing New Look..

After a few months of messing around with various layouts, templates, and what not, we have finally settled on a new look for RainyDayMagazine. The interns still have a lot of work to do (missing thumbnails, dead links, etc), but framework is now in place.

We hope to have everything up and running by Spring. Here is a sneak peek for those interested. Look for the official launch notice soon!!! [Permalink] - RDM: ANew Look


January 28,2015- Birdfeeding In A Blizzard...

When the huge Nor'easter was barreling down on Boston a few days ago, we thought it best to put out some extra bird food (Cole's Hot Meats, Blue Ribbon Blend). The platform and hanging feeders work well, but when the wind is blowing hard they tend to be difficult for the birds to feed off of. This was why we thought it a good opportunity to put up the new cattail feeder from Gardener's Supply Company.

The Gardener's cattail feeder is attractive and well designed. It has a cap at the top which twists off for easy filling. The support rod is made up of a few sections that screw together to form one long pole. The whole unit stands about three feet tall and will hold about half a pound of... [more] - RDG: Birdfeeding In A Blizzard

January 19,2015- Super Bowl Prep: HDTV Antenna

Now that the AFC champs (the Pats stomping on the Colts) and NFC champs (Green Bay stunning the Seahawks) have been crowned, it is time to prep for Super Bowl XLIX. To help readers get ready, we took a look at some indoor HDTV antennas which will let them enjoy the big game for free AND at the best resolution:

When things first switched over to digital a few years ago, many who got their games off the air had to either add a converter box, upgrade their analog TV, or sign on with a cable company in order to continue watching their favorite teams. However, if you switched to cable, you may not know that the signal being pushed through the cable is compressed and that the picture for their HDTV is actually better if you just get your signal "off the air." This means that if you try to... [more] - Super Bowl Prep: HDTV Antenna


January 1,2015- Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Hard to believe that it has been over a decade since we started this little RainyDayMagazine adventure!

We have grown quite a bit both in terms of scope and readership. The site has been creaking and groaning for a while now and is in need of some work :-)

Over the course of 2015, we will be making quite a few changes to the structure and look of RainyDayMagazine so we can continue to bring you the kind of articles that have made the magazine so successful!

We are looking forward to the changes and we are sure readers will too. Here is to an AWESOME 2015 and Go Pats!!! [Permalink] - Happy New Year!!!




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