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Winter IS Summer in Miami


A new me – Miami style!

I decided to treat myself to a hair re-do while we were in Miami, and so, through profound scientific methods (I picked one out of the Yellow Pages), I chose Ego Trip Salon (www.egotripsalon.info).

I have never paid $85 for a hair cut before, but wow! I look great!  I learned long ago that I am hopeless with a hairbrush (other than reducing morning Bed Head), but every single - every single - hair cut I've ever gotten requires me to "take a section of damp hair and wind it around your hairbrush, hold it taut, and apply the hair dryer in back and forth strokes from underneath." You know, I speak English, but none of it ever computed. So when I sat in Cary's chair and told her I needed something I could blow dry without using a hair brush, she gave me exactly that! She did talk be through optional hair brush issues, and recommended a flat paddle brush, IF I wanted to use one. (Note to self: never use a round brush again. A mean person invented it just to get long hair all tangled around it, and was not looking out for your best interest.)

When I booked the appointment, the receptionist said she had lived in Billerica (about 15 miles north of Boston) for a while, and Cary said she was from New Jersey. She also said that until she had kids she had clients in New York and in Miami, and would fly back and forth. And I thought those people only existed in Vogue…


Ego Trip is a small corner shop, with only four chairs. It’s all nice and blue, and the ceiling is painted like the sky. It’s one block off of Lincoln Mall Road, on Michigan. While I was there, there was a yummy yet laid back cat fight between two of the patrons about who would get to use the bathroom after I came out. The older woman won – she just pushed her way passed the other, although there were some fingers pointed at some faces. When they both were gone, one of the stylists – the owner, perhaps – just sighed and said “we’ve got to start giving out more Zanax.”

Why yes, I AM a movie star, thank you


What a great hotel

A new me - Miami style!

Every Body in Miami

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