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The Speck SkinTight case comes with a one-piece rubber covering and a frosted multi-position belt clip.   The rubber cover stretches and slips over the RAZR to form a...you got it...skin-tight shield.

Like most one-pieces, the SkinTight has a gap at the hinge when in the open position.  There are no functional problems with this.  It just looks less "sleek" when compared to the two-piece covering.

There are strategic die cuts on the front, side and back of the SkinTight case to give access to the various screen, ports, camera, mic, speakers, and buttons.

We don't usually use a belt clip, but the SkinTight case does include one for those who want the "quick draw" action.  The clip will rotate and stay at various angles to accommodate different waistlines and, uh, elbow-atures.

Obviously the whole package is thicker with the SkinTight rubber case.  The benefit is that the phone is now easer to hold, open, and close!




RAZR- SkinTight

By Wan Chi Lau

Speck makes both fun and functional cases for all kinds of portable electronics.  They first came across our radar when we saw them at MacWorld.

We reviewed a few of their iPod nano covers and we found these whimsical cases to be surprisingly protective.

Speck has a new line of the cases for the wildly popular Motorola RAZR cell phones.

For the FirstLook review, we'll examine two different cases Speck has for the RAZR.  One is a soft rubbery one-piece case.  The other is a hard, clear, two-piece covering.  They are representative of the line and should give a good idea of what to expect.


1. FirstLook- SkinTight

2. FirstLook- HardCase



Review Summary:

Initial Impression - Good fit

Usability - Easy on/off

Durability - TBD

Price - $30





Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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