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The first item we pointed the ThermoHawk at was the espresso maker.  We got a reading of 106º with the ThermoHawk, but the probe inserted into the liquid gave us a higher reading.  This may be due to the foam on the top of the epresso.

We really should do this with a hot cup of water to eliminate the interference from the crema...maybe next time.

The next item we pointed the probe at was the AeroGarden.  The lettuce is growing in a balmy 113º F garden.  At the other end of the temperature spectrum was the bag of ice in the freezer.

The ThermoHawk was definitely easy to use.  The readings were nearly instantaneous.  When we have some time, we'll find a way to test the accuracy of the readings.

This gadget is definitely fun to use.  We didn't have a critical application for it, but we are sure there are REAL industrial uses for this out there.  Let us know if you can suggest more practical everyday uses for this device.  Maybe we'll just give it to you, then again... maybe not :-)


Q3 Innovations

ThermoHawk 200

By Wan Chi Lau

Point-and-shoot temperature reading may sound like a function on a StarTrek Tricorder, but the ThermoHawk 200 does exactly that, without the whole space-time continuum issue...

The FirstLook review will take a quick look at the device and how it works.

In the FirstUse review, we will point it at some stuff around the RainyDay Office and check their temperature.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- keychain size

Usability- point and click

Durability- TBD

Price- $50


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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