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The Dremel WorkStation is made up of three main parts: base, post, and sliding press.  The base is made from casted aluminum.  The post is made using two pieces of stainless steel.  The press is a pre-assembled unit consisting of a Dremel tool holder, a sliding press mechanism, and a rotatable mount.

Included are also a basket for holding bits, various bolts and adjustment pins, and a tool support hook.

The mounting holes and ruler integrated are integrated into the aluminium base.  The surface has been machined flat and four clamping slots have been pre-cut into the platform.

The first step to the assembly is to attach the main support tube.  The tube is held in place by tightening the hex bolt.  We made it just tight enough so the post does not rotate.  Care should be taken to not over-tighten. 

The sliding press mechanism uses the same tightening technique.  The pin and retaining nut (red arrows) must be inserted into the press mount before the assembly is put onto the support post.

The entire assembly should be slid onto the larger post for mounting.  The thinner post is for hanging the Dremel tool when using the flexible shaft, not for mounting the press assembly.

There is a plastic sleeve which must be inserted between the two steel tubes.  This sleeve centers the thinner tube and keeps the press assembly from being moved back onto the thinner tube.

The last step is to attach the accessory bit holder and tool suspension hook. The holder is a convenient place for storing the various bits for the current project.  However, it is not intended as a permanent storage area as there are no lids.  Care should be taken to remove any loose accessories before moving the WorkStation.

The Dremel WorkStation is a nice accessory for the rotary tool.  It is designed to fit all of the new Dremels.  We'll attach the XPR-400 and show you what it can do in our FirstUse report...coming soon :-)




By Wan Chi Lau

We were going to make something similar to this WorkStation for the 400-XPR, but since Dremel has one specially designed to work with it, we thought we would save ourselves some time and effort.

The Dremel WorkStation comes in several large pieces...some assembly is required.  For assembly projects, we like to first try doing it without reading the instructions. We find that is the best was to get to know all the parts and understand how they fit.

We had a few starts and stops, but in the end, the WorkStation was successfully assembled. The Dremel WorkStation is a nice piece of gear! It is like a "third hand" but with some added features.

In the FirstLook review, we will take a look at the parts and put it together. 

FirstLook Reviews:

1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

Now we'll have to come up with some projects to test this thing out for the FirstUse review.

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Solid

Usability- Multi-angle press

Durability- TBD

Price- $50


NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to wear eye protection when using a rotary tool.  Just Do It.


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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