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Welcome to the review section of RainyDayKitchen...

We hope reading about these projects will keep you entertained on a "rainy day". We also hope you will learn some stuff you can use when the sun is back out. Take a look around, find something that interests you, and keep yourself busy until the weather clears... it always does :-)

RainyDayKitchen is new for 2005... the sections will fill out over time. Send us email on workshops ideas if you don't see it here!


Disclaimer:  The projects shown are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  We make NO CLAIMS to the accuracy or safety of the instructions in these projects.  Proceed at your OWN RISK!!!!
Gadgets/Utensils ...
QuadTimer   Impressa Z5   Soap Pump   Screwpull
i-Roast 2   Thermos Grill2Go   Coleman RoadTrip   Flavia FlavorStation
AeroPress   EspressoPRO   All-Clad Wok   Burr Grinder
SimpleHuman   Smart Candle   Method Aroma Pill   Keurig Ultra B-50
Candela   Egg Timer   Garlic press   Scale
method cleaners   Cutting Boards   Teastick   Soda Club
Oreck Vacuum   SpinNStor   Egg&Muffin Toaster   Waring Blender
ThermaPen   Tassimo Coffee   Oreck 'fridge purifier   One Sweep Broom
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