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Welcome to the Review section of RainyDayPhotography...

We hope reading about these gear reviews and projects will keep you entertained on a "rainy day". We also hope you will learn some stuff you can use when the sun is back out. Take a look around, find something that interests you, and keep yourself busy until the weather clears... it always does :-)


2011 PhotoGear ...

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Raen Optics   Delkin Pop-Up Shade   Pixeet Pano   Art of Lighting
Summer Reading   Nikon Case   Leathinity Strap   SpyGear UNV
Flip HD Underwater   iPhone Microscope   Nikon P7000   PED3 mount
GIMP 2.6   N.A. Landscape   Studio-In-A-Box   Sigma "Bigma"
Kata Owl   RCX400 Tripod   RCX400 Tripod   Moments 8

2011 PhotoOutings ...

Brimfield   PCAF Northampton   First Frost   First Snow
Quincy Quarries   Backyard Adventures   Vermont   Passiflora
RainyDayGarden   Thunderclouds   Wollaston Beach   Sigma Zoom
NEAF Expo   NEAF Solar Party   NEAF Wrap up   Brimfield Antique
Emerald Necklace   NYIAS: Jaguar   NYIAS: Porsche BE   NYIAS
Arboretum   Macro at the Mall   Bigma FirstUse   MFA: Chihuly

2011 PhotoProjects ...

Kinect for OSX   ofxKinect Install   Pixeet FirstUse    
iPhone4 Skins   Shooting Fireworks   Sugru Hacks   Otterbox Lens Case
3D Hack   iPad2 Microscope   iPhone Microscope   Lensbaby Macro
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