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December 10, 2004

The South End of Boston, like a lot of other parts of the city, have been experiencing a lot of revitalizations the past few years. This year the South End Open Market is having their first Holiday Show for local artisans.

Our very own Carolyn and her Pure Bath line of aromatherapy products will be participating at this year's show. Pure Bath is announcing some new products at the show as well as selling holiday gift items.

Make some time this weekend...get yourself down to the SoWa area (500 Harrison Ave) and get your holiday shopping off to a festive start!


December 2, 2004

Not every virtual trip is taken inside a computer. The pilots of radio controlled planes have been rigging up digital cameras with remote or timed triggers to capture some pretty impressive inflight images!

John Ballou took this image of the Golden Gate Bridge with a Fuji FinePix A303 3.2MP camera on a LocalHawk IIL. My guess is it won't be long before we see RC plane capturing video with the new generation of small tapeless MPEG4 videocams! Check out the other images here.


November 7, 2004

I'm fascinated by time series photos ...especially ones that revealseveryday changes.  This beautiful maple is right outside.  Every fall I see it change, this year it finally dawned on me that I should capture that in a series.  The plan is to take a photo once a day for the next year.  I hope you check back once in awhile and share in the progress.  If you are interested in doing the same, let me know...perhaps we can point to some interesting ones! [More...]


November 2, 2004

Our friend Gary Barsomian-Dietrich will be showing his digital art prints at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough from Nov 19 to Nov 21.

There will be 174 different artists showing and selling high quality arts and crafts... come get inspired! [More...]


November 1, 2004

Fall colors are peaking in Boston.  The maple in the backyard is in full color...quite rich this time of the year! Looks like the weather will be clear in Boston for the 2004 Election tomorrow. If you need any voting info, you will find it here.

The New England International Auto Show is at the Bayside Expo.

There is a special discount on Wednesday....bring the $2 coupon from the Boston Globe and the NEIA show promoters will bring the admission price from $10 down to $6. We will be there on Wed, we never pass up a bargain!


October 28, 2004

It was such a nice day here in Boston that we had to go for a walk.  The Arnold Arboretum is always a treat to visit.  Today, it was a peaceful retreat from all of the Red Sox celebratory festivities going on all around town. 

It is wonderful to have such santuary so accessible in the city.  The colors are still turning...so if you are in town and have time, go for a walk.


October 25, 2004

Now THIS is an aquarium... 50 species, 2500 fish, and 1,000,000 liters of water! It is the AquaDom in the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin.

You can take a 7 minute elevator ride inside the tank. The same folks that did the tank in the Mandalay Bay in Vegas did this one. Their next big tank project is in Moscow. [More...]

This little rechargeable travel light would feel right at home in your room at the Radisson.

It doubles as a travel alarm clock when laid flat. The glow is nice for working with a laptop or reading. Comes with a strap for those times when you need both hands while walking around... scary :-) [More...]


October 17, 2004


The colors in Maine are still great ...but much of it have moved south. We love Maine this time of the year... fewer folks around, lots of lobster sandwiches, and festivals everywhere. [More...]


October 14, 2004

You can't really vacation on Mars just yet, but you can still explore it via this cool site.  There is actually quite a bit of stuff to do on this piece of rock!   Like everything else, the experience is better with a fast broadband connection. [More...]

In a high tech world of constant upgrades and new versions, there is comfort in crafting articles that stands up to the test of time.

Next when you find yourself in Milan, ask for directions to the Valextra factory...if you are lucky, you'll get to take the tour. [More...]


October 13, 2004

So what if you are not old enough to drive?  If you live around Boston/Braintree, you still get to rev it up at F1 Boston. [More...]

To get into a suite like this one at the Nine Zero hotel in Boston, all you have to do is look at the scanner...and you are in.

With the new iris scanning technologies, you may never have to worry about your hotel keys again!  [More...]


October 12, 2004

Lot's of virtual trips today... remember the Powers Of 10 movie we all saw in Science Class?   Well, you can take the same trip today on the web.  Go from 10 million light years away down to 100 attometer... brought to you by the folks at Florida State University. [More...]

Researchers in Univ of Rochester has published a report in this week's Nature that claims we may actually be using 80% (not the often reported 10%) of our brains processing power for stuff we don't even know is going on.  Most of the time...my brain is telling me I need a vacation.   [More...]

Use some of that brain power and imagine you are a tropical fish... living a pretty good life in a Caribbean reef.  You decided to go for a quick bite before the hurricane gets in town.  Suddenly the currents changes and before you know it you are in Rhode Island!  That's just my theory of how they got here. 

For a more researched explanation, you can read Beth Daley's full article in today's Boston Globe (the pics by Peter Pereira are in the "Gone Fishing" section on the right of the article).  For more about the New Enland Aquarium Dive Club, follow the link.  [More...]

Swimming with the sharks on your next dive just got a bit easier...with this full functioning wet sub from Fabien Cousteau and Eddie Paul to get close to the real thing.  [More...]


October 11, 2004

It's Fall in New England... and that means COLORS!  Starting from Maine and following it all the way down to NY... we'll be giving you a color report every week until Halloween. [More...]


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