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After we replaced rusty wheel bolts on the Porsche Boxster with the Boothe Design chrome wheel bolts, we couldn't just ignor the rusty ones :-)  Instead, we said..."Hey, what a perfect chance to try out the new Dremel Stylus!"

We rounded up a collection of polishing compounds, got the our collection of Dremel tools and bits, and went out to the deck (less clean up...) to grind away the rust.

Some of the bolts really took a beating this Winter.  We are not sure why, but it might be because we didn't do a good job last season of getting all of the rust off before cleare clothing them.  This time we'll try a rust inhibiting paint.

After looking through the set of bits, we decided on this cone-shaped grinding bit for rust removal.  The pointy tip would enable us to get into the tight corners and concave head.

The real trick to using the Dremel is to NOT press hard and just let the tool do the work.  It's the spinning, not the pressure that makes this tool effective.  If there is too much pressure, the tip just wears down really quickly and you may burn out the motor.

Here are a few shots after cleaning off the base and a pass at the top.  The image on the right should give some idea of how fine the control is with the Stylus.  We were able to clearly make very thin lines in the rust with the grinding tip :-)

This is not a quick project.  It took about 15 minutes to get all the rust off the head, polish the anti-sieze collar, and buff one bolt.   It'll probably take a few days to finish them all. After all that, the bolt is finally ready for painting. 

We found the Dremel Stylus to be light, very quiet, and easy to handle...exactly what we needed for this task.  There was very little vibration from the motor and we felt no fatigue from using the tool.  The Dremel Stylus did great in this FirstUse project.  We'll update this article as we find more tasks for this cool little Dremel.

BTW...if you know of a better way to get the bolts "de-rusted", share it with us.  We'll give you credit and maybe something nice from our pile of goodies :-)



Stylus Rotary Tool

By Wan Chi Lau

Dremel is the name in rotary tools.  We have an ongoing series on their amazing XPR 400 tool.  Dremel has recently introduced a small, light, and cordless version of their rotary tool for those who need more precise control and maneuverability in their work.

In the FirstLook review, we will see what came in the package, then we'll charge it up and see just what can be done with a precision Dremel tool.

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Review Summary:

Initial Impression- No cord

Usability- Nice grip

Durability- 5 year warranty

Price- $75


NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to wear eye protection when using a rotary tool.  Just Do It.


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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