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Travel Gear ...newest tech to keep you on the move!

In this section , we'll highlight, test, and review gear that we find interesting...hopefully you will as well :-) Most of the time, the reviews will be of items that will help you get more out of your travels as well as you time at home. If you have something that you think others will like to know about...drop us a line!


MPX220 SmartPhone   CoPilot SmartPhone        
BackpackCAM   NeurosCAM   Simpl A-1   SanDisk miniSD
Belkin Bluetooth   Logitech mm28   Neuros MPEG-4 R2   Flash card reader
StealthSurfer   CoPilot GPS   Tavo iPod Gloves   Marware nano cases
iKeychain   SanDisk T-Flash   Speck   iKuffs
Flash Card case   MobiBLU Cube   InvisibleShield Up   InvisibleShield 2
InvisibleShield   Moonsus Case   Motorola E815   MyPowerAll
StickyPod   Logitech mm50   iPod nano   iBeat Headphones
Keen Taos   OpticSlim M12   OnTour   Solunar
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VioSport   USGlobalSat GPS   James Bond 1   SolarRoll 14
Radica 20Q   ShockShell   LumaRay FL6   CVS DVCam
Tri-Fold Traveler   SideWinder   700M Touchscreen   SureFire
Kata R102   PodWave   SleepTracker   180s ExoLite
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Adventure Plus


iPaq/Navman GPS

  HighGear TerraTech   Charge2Go
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