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Welcome to the Review section of RainyDayRenovations...

We hope reading about these projects will keep you entertained on a "rainy day". We also hope you will learn some stuff you can use when the sun is back out. Take a look around, find something that interests you, and keep yourself busy until the weather clears... it always does :-)

RainyDayRenovations is new for 2006... the sections will fill out over time. We are going to follow the progress of one house from start to finish.  Come back often to check on the progress!  Send us email on workshops ideas if you don't see it here!


Disclaimer:  The projects shown are for entertainment purposes ONLY.  We make NO CLAIMS to the accuracy or safety of the instructions in these projects.  Proceed at your OWN RISK!!!!
Wagner PowerTex   HangUp Pro   WorkStation   BionicGrip
RotoZip Tips   Grout Remover   Jigsaw guide   Circle Cutter
  small product photo    
Dremel XPR400   FreeStyle Glue Gun    Dremel Stylus   Roto Zip Tool
small product photo   small product photo   small product photo   small product photo
ColdHeat Pro   LaserLevel   Bionic Wrench   ColdHeat
small product photo     small product photo  
Gyphon Saw   Diamond Grinder   PowerSquid   Immix
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Solar House Number   Smart Candles   Aroma Pill   Candela
OneSweep Broom   Oreck   Method Cleaners   SmartSpin Storage
Werner EverLevel   Little Giant        
Boston HomeShow   DigitalLife 2005   NE Flower Show   Paradise Art Festival
Door Seal   Shower Caddy        
Armour Etch   Box Top   Hex Window   Tesselation
Worthington Design            
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