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"We Entertain When It Rains"  
RainyDayProjects...DIYs to keep you entertained while it rains.

In this section , we'll highlight, test, and review gear that we find interesting...hopefully you will as well :-) Most of the time, the reviews will be of items that will help you get more out of your travels as well as you time at home. If you have something that you think others will like to know about...drop us a line!


Makers Faire   Fall Colors   Boxster Winter Prep   Grab-n-go Gear
Wingscape Birdcam   Birdcam Mount   Questar Tristand   Birdcam Pro
Mushroom Update   X100s Macro   Blackvue Install   Macro Filters
Street Photography   IKEA Socker Hack   Tiny Terrariums   Socker Feeder
Feeding Birds   Fujifilm X100S   Hanging Cottages   Boxster Spring Prep
Making Yogurt   Growing Mushrooms   Superbowl Prep   Washer Repair
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