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RainyDayProjects...DIYs to keep you entertained while it rains.

In this section , we'll highlight, test, and review gear that we find interesting...hopefully you will as well :-) Most of the time, the reviews will be of items that will help you get more out of your travels as well as you time at home. If you have something that you think others will like to know about...drop us a line!


Boxster Winter Prep   WinterForce   Speedreading   100 digits of Pi
Plier Holder   Iris Seed Pods   Lensbaby Edge80   Brake Rotor Replace
UPS Battery   Brando UFO Case   Dryer Repair   Fine finishing
iBooks Templates   More Templates   Socker Greenhouse   Boxster Fall Prep
3TB Backup   Time Machine   Butcher Block Top   Slide-out Shelves
Reviving the PC   IKEA Flytta   Hummingbird feeder   Nikkor 18-300
Origami Design   More BlueChick   BOB and SMD   CNC PC
Kryptonite StrongHold   Hankook V12   FirstGrill   Sugru Hacks
Get-A-Grip   TEC Igniter   Boxster Prep   A/C Pro
Heavy Bag   M-Edge Folio   Grill Cleaning   More iOS Programming
SKB / Vixen   Macro   Brain Hack #28   SEM in 3D
Filter replacement   Shear tuning   Gatco Sharpeners   Craftsman Griplatch
The GoldXpert   iOS Programming   Polarie Setup   Zerust Install
17" MBP Upgrade   HDTV antenna   Vixen Polar Scope   Love Cappuccino
Mindstorm   Craftsman Griplatch   Zerust   iBook Author FirstUse
Dome Skin   Headlight Restoration   Lego Mindstorm NXT   iBooks Author
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